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  • Founded in 2001, and has grown fast domestically as well as in regional markets.
  • Master franchise of (CinnZeo) Canadian brand in the line of cinnamon rolls & coffee and currently operates (18) corporate stores and (13) Sub Franchisees Locations around the MENA region.
  • 90% owned by Saudi Marketing company (Sister company)
  • Created a culture that is both guest-centered and performance-based.
  • Built a team of experienced leaders and a strong operating business model and act with passion of create excellence for our teams and our Franchisee.
  • Able to grant sub – franchises within the MENA region.


The Best Tasting Cinnamon Rolls On Earth. (Canadian Franchise)

Overview of Cinn Zeo

The aroma and the unique taste of sweet cinnamon is recognized and greatly desired by nearly every culture across the globe, especially in the Middle East and North Africa.

CinnZeo Bakery Café’s, has captured this internationally desired flavor appeal with its series of fresh bakery products and made it available to franchisees around the Middle East and the whole world.

Our recipes have been tested refined and simplified to a point where we can manufacture a high quality cinnamon roll, using the finest ingredients.

There are many components that contribute to the success of the CINNZEO brand: our guests experience, the quality of our product, the strategic locations of our bakeries, and perhaps most importantly our team members. Our marketing plan is simple: choose a good location, create the right mood through presentation, and sell the product with the help of a carefully chosen team.

The Cinn Zeo Brand

Our Brand is our guests’ experience. It begins when they are entitled by the sweet smell of cinnamon. It evolves as they meet our friendly staff and are embraced by our warm environment. It is sealed when they savor their first taste of true indulgence.

Our Brand is the Quality of Our Product

Our recipes have been tested, refined and simplified to a point where can manufacture a high quality cinnamon roll using the finest ingredients. The Canadian wheat that is used in our rolls is the finest in the world and our Siam’ Cinnamon is the highest grade of cinnamon available.

Our cream cheese frosting is made with Philadelphia Cream Cheese, giving it a smooth and very flavorful taste. Our products can be purchased either hot from the oven or in convenient take- out packs that can be reheated in any conventional oven or microwave.

Our Brand is Our Location

CINNZEO Bakery Café’s are typically located in high profile regional shopping malls, universities and main heavy traffic streets. Location is critical and our Real Estate Team intricately involves itself in only selecting locations with high traffic and high visibility.

Our Territory

Being part of our family is an exciting opportunity because we take granting a franchise very seriously.

CinnZeo through PUSATCO managed to open bakeries in KSA, Qatar and Kuwait

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