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Aswad Real Estate


Al-Aswad Group invests and owns in the real estate sector across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with shopping malls, commercial centers and residential complexes, Al Aswad Group developing in real estate sector and create real estate opportunities in line with 2030 Vision.

Fanateer Mall

Fanateer Mall in Jubail Industrial City is one of the commercial tourist destinations due to its strategic location, which the group sought to invest and create investment opportunities in the region to bring in major brands, which contributes to attracting tourists to the region for shopping and tourism.

Safwa Commercial Center:

Al Aswad group interest on investing in vital areas, as the commercial site in Safwa City has been invested to serve the city's people and facilitate access to their needs. The center contains a number of distinctive brands such as farm superstore, restaurants, women's salons, and many others.

King Fahd Suburb Center in Dammam:

In view of the cultural diversity of King Fahd suburb in Dammam and a residential attraction, Al Aswad group invested a commercial Center to serve the area. The center also includes a branch for farm superstores in addition to several other supportive activities.

Al Aswad group also owns commercial and entertainment centers in different locations as follows:

Farm Superstores 3

Farm Superstores 17

Farm Superstore 18

Farm Superstores 19

Farm Superstores 21

Farm Superstores 31

Farm Superstores 32

Farm Superstores 54

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