Location and Branches of farm Superstores in the Kingdom

S No
Name of Branch
1Farm Superstores -1Dammam
2Farm Superstores -2Jubail
3Farm Superstores -3Jubail
4Farm Superstores -4Dammam
5Farm Superstores -5Dhahran
6Farm Superstores -6King Fahd Hospital Dammam
7Farm Superstores -7Jubail
8Farm Superstores -8Dhahran
9Farm Superstores -9Al Khobar
10Farm Superstores -10Al Khobar
11Farm Superstores -11Al Khobar
12Farm Superstores -12Dammam
13Farm Superstores -13Jubail
14Farm Superstores -14Dammam
15Farm Superstores -15Qatif
16Farm Superstores -16Al Khobar
17Farm Superstores -17Dammam
18Farm Superstores -18Ras Tanourah
19Farm Superstores -19Safwa
20Farm Superstores -20Jeddah
21Farm Superstores -21Jubail
22Farm Superstores -22Dammam
23Farm Superstores -23Jubail
24Farm Superstores -24Al-Hasa
25Farm Superstores -25Al Khobar
26Farm Superstores -26Jeddah
27Farm Superstores -27Qatif
28Farm Superstores -28Jeddah
29Farm Superstores -29Um Al Sahek
30Farm Superstores -30Al-khafji
31Farm Superstores -31Jubail
32Farm Superstores -32Jubail
33Farm Superstores -33Dammam
34Farm Superstores -34Jazan
35Farm Superstores -35 Al-khafji
36Farm Superstores -36Jubail
37Farm Superstores -37Hafr Al-Batin
38Farm Superstores -38 Jeddah
39Farm Superstores -39Dammam
40Farm Superstores -40 Al-Hasa
41Farm Superstores -41Jeddah
42Farm Superstores -42Dammam
43Farm Superstores -43Jubail
44Farm Superstores -44 Baljurashi-Al Baha
45Farm Superstores -45Yanbu
46Farm Superstores -46Jeddah
47Farm Superstores -47Al-Hasa
48Farm Superstores -48Ar’ar

Location and Branches of Farm Mini Markets in the Kingdom

Name of the Branch
1Al-Haqeet CompoundAl Khobar
2Lotus CompoundAl Khobar
3Nesma-1 CompoundAl Khobar
4Nesma-2 CompoundJubail
5Ala Uddin -1Jubail
6Elegant Home CompoundJubail
7Al-Kanari CompoundAl Khobar
8National Guard ComplexAl-Hasa
9Ala Uddin -2Al-Hasa
10Al-Nada CompoundAl Khobar
11Al-Mutlaql CompoundAl Khobar
12Jizala CompoundDammam
13Munifah-1 CompoundAl-khafji
14Nesma Rotus CompoundJubail
15National Guard ComplexDammam-Al Khobar Highway
16Al karawanAl Khobar
18Al-HazzaAl Khobar
19Sun Rise BeachAl-aziziyah
20Al-DanaAl Khobar

Locations and Branches of Adventure World in the Kingdom

Name of Center
1Adventure World-1Dammam
2Adventure World-2Al-Hasa
3Adventure World-3Al-Khafji
4Adventure World-4Jazan
5Adventure World-5Hafr Al-Batin
6Adventure World-6 Hayel
7Adventure World-7Jeddah

Location and Branches of Wholesale Outlets in the Kingdom.

Nam of Center
1Wholesale Outlet Dammam
2Wholesale Outlet Riyadh
3Wholesale Outlet Jeddah

Locations of Branches of Pure Springs Company

Name of Branches
1Al-Rashid Mall(Cinnzeo)Al Khobar
2Fanateer Commercial Complex(Cinnzeo)Jabail industrial- Fanateer District
3Cady Mall(Cinnzeo)Jazan-Corniche road
4Farm Commercial Complex(Cinnzeo)hofuf-Al mazrou District
5Al Mohammadiah District(Cinnzeo)Hafr Al-Batin
6Al-Qatif City Mall(Cinnzeo)Qatif- Al-Shate'District
7Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz(Cinnzeo)Dammam
8Darrem Mall(Cinnzeo)Dammam -Al-Azizia
9Prince Fahd Bin Salman District (Cinnzeo)Al-Khafji
10Fanateer Commercial Complex(Costadoro)Jabail industrial- Fanateer District
11Al-Rashid Mall- Carrefour(Cinnzeo)Al Khobar
12Dhahran compound-Farm Superstore 9 (Cinnzeo)Al Khobar
13NAF Compound- Farm Superstores 5 (Cinnzeo)Doha District- Dhahran
14Farm superstores 19(Cinnzeo)Safwa
15Al-Lu,lu Complex -King Abdul Aziz Street (Cinnzeo)Dammam
16Othaim Malel(Cinnzo) Al-HasaAl-Hasa
17Fanateer Commercial Complex(WETZEL'S PRETZELS)Jabail industrial- Fanateer District
18Dana Mall(Cinnzeo)Yanbu
19Yanbo University College(Girls)(Cinnzeo)Yanbu
20Yanbo University College(Boys)(Cinnzeo)Yanbu
21Abdul Khair Mall (Cinnzeo)Baljurashi Baha

Growth in number of Branches of the Company by activity

Farm Superstores3135374245
Mini Marktes913162120
Wholesale Stores33333
Adventure World 34667